Sea life mural – the spider crab

Artist creating a large mural of a spider crab in the waiting room of Hythe pier

In conjunction with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT), HPHA organised for a large sea life mural to be created and displayed on the end of the pier. The artwork depicting undersea life along the Solent and Southampton Water is the first of a series forming a “mural path” promoting the underwater environment. HIWWT’s “Secrets of the Solent” campaign, highlights the importance of the underwater habitat of the Solent and the wonderful creatures it contains.

HPHA held an on-line poll to choose from six creatures, the spider-crab getting the most votes of the 388 that were cast. Second with 78 votes was the Undulate Ray and in third place with 76 votes was Stalked Jellyfish.
As seen on the voting advert, in preparation for the installation of the work, volunteers from the Hythe Shed at the Pier cleaned, prepared and painted the wall where the mural is displayed. Once the work was completed, the same volunteer crew installed the work.


The mural was created by ATMStreetArt who is a renowned creator of giant murals depicting wildlife.

His giant wildlife murals fill walls across London to Bristol and on to Poland and Norway.

ATM uses his art to inspire people to take part in local regeneration efforts and believes that small changes repeated on a large scale can have dramatic effects.

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(these stats do not include effort contributed to the project by ATMStreetArt or HIWWT)

Project Funding Organisations

This project was mainly funded by HIWWT and partially by HPHA from donations made by the Hythe community.